FBI Bungling - Sen Daschle Played - America Hoodwinked

  • The FBI ignored tips by a military officer after the anthrax letter attacks. He informed the Bureau how Sen Daschle wrote a letter to SecDef Rumsfeld three months prior to the anthrax letter attacks. Sen Daschle questioned anthrax vaccine and disciplinary actions "meted out" against troops. 
  • The FBI ignored or dismissed the officer's tips for eight years. The officer was in DC on the day of the attacks delivering a Citizen Petition to FDA HQ's, and he informed the FBI he was on the phone with Sen Daschle's office at the moment the anthrax letter was opened. He suggested the FBI focus on DoD anthrax scientists with the motive, M.O. and history.
  • The FBI never reported to the American people that Sen Daschle's office were the only victims attacked with an anthrax letter that actively questioned the anthrax vaccine.
  • Instead, the FBI reported it could not find "any ostensible connection to the anthrax mailings" and the attack on Sen. Daschle's office. Yet, the FBI was given evidence showing that the White House and Senator Daschle questioned the vaccine, at least until the anthrax attacks.
  • It is undetermined why the FBI obscured the Sen Daschle-anthrax vaccine connection given the tips, timing and evidence, particularly when the FBI's official findings stated motive for the attacks was to save the "failing" vaccine.
  • After the attacks the Army offered anthrax vaccine to Sen Daschle's office, against advice of Sen. (Dr.) Frist and the NIAID. Sen Daschle never questioned anthrax vaccine again.
  • Bottom-line: America was hoodwinked by the anthrax letter attacks due to the almost decade-long bungling of the investigation by the FBI. The delay allowed the DoD to unwittingly "save" the "failing" anthrax vaccine program, i.e., the stated motive of the attacks. But, no retrospective review of the program occurred, nor records corrections.

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